Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution That Will Help With Golf

A lot of us enter a new year with a refreshed attitude and a desire to better one or more areas of our lives. For many, this includes a willingness to improve our physical fitness. If you are in this category, know that keeping this 2019 new year’s resolution will help your golf game, and you don’t have to lift hundreds of pounds at the gym to do so.

It is hard to believe but 90% of all golfers cannot break 100. Simple Enough hopes you are not in this percentage. Let us try to improve in a simple way. In a well balanced (repetition here) finish, a good ball striker will post upward on the front side (target-side) leg with no wrinkles in the toes of the back foot. The pressure is always up the front leg! Swing or pivot into a front knee brace.

Well. Guess what? Most players cannot do this. Because the hamstring muscles are too short. Hamstring are several muscles at the back of the thigh or tendons at the back of the knee. They need to be stretched! And what is the best way to do this?

Touch your toes every day

This will stretch your hamstring muscles. A well-balanced finish onto and upward on your front leg will be the end product. Most players understand a well balanced finish. Understanding is necessary. Being able to physically do it is another story. Touch your toes in 2019!