Even professional golfers like Jay Haas must adapt their swing with age

One Foolproof Way to Adapt Your Swing with Aging

When it comes to your golf swing, what are you thinking? Do you still swing the same way as when you first learned the game? We’ve discussed how to help develop your young golfer’s swing, but what about the rest of us? Have you tried to adapt your swing with aging? Your athletic ability probably is at its best from the early 20’s to the late 30s. Of course there are some exceptions. The golf swing itself allows for more of these exceptions than any other sport.

The dullness, or (even using a harsher word), the astonishment, of it all is, we think we can swing and make the same moves as a 25-year-old Tour player. If this is your thinking, then there are two guarantees:

1. Mother Nature is not going to allow it
2. It’s not going to work

The good news is, there is a solution.

  • Close your toe line and shoulder line to your target line.
  • Put your right foot behind the left foot, right shoulder behind left shoulder, with your spine leaning away from the target.
  • Your head position should be tilted to the right with your chin pointing to the right or inside the ball.

Doing this will give you more of a “swinging door” shape to your swing and it is much easier on your back, arms and legs. Your front heel may want to move a bit off the ground and help place your body weight on the correct leg.

This may sound a little bit old school, and you may have a hard time wrapping your mind around it. If so, find a picture of yourself when you were 25 and compare it to a picture when you are 50 or 60. Golf is a wonderful game if you learn to adapt your swing with aging. Do this, and you can shoot your age, even when you’re 80!

Simple Enough.