golf ball near hole

Add a Little “Simple” to Your Game

What is simple? Why not apply this wonderful word to the golf swing? Simple would like to express a definition…”free from dishonesty to yourself.” And where does the dishonesty come in?

It appears in your ball striking when you are trying too many swing thoughts. You cannot rub your stomach, pat your head, and scratch your nose at the same time. Many of us cannot do the first two, much less the third one.

What’s the point? No progress in your ball striking ability. Why not be honest? A new swing after every shot. No Way! This reminds us all of a truthful, short, simple song:

“Low scores talk
Macaroni walks”

Be honest. Always pick out the one move that will do the most good — then repeat. On the way to perfect, you will pass “Good Enough”

Simple Enough.