Club Fitting

Make it the right fit

Like a perfectly tailored suit for that special occasion, custom fit golf clubs will go a long way in determining how you feel and perform on the golf course. And the Haas Family Golf LOFTING℠ process will help your game take flight.

Our award-winning, state-of-the-art methodology has been honed over years of experience. Master Clubfitter Daniel Clemmons has been recognized nationally for helping our customers get the most out of their swing. Some of the awards include:

  • 2012 Ping National Fitter
  • Mizuno Top 100 Fitters - 7 years running
  • KZG Fitter of the Year
  • Golf Digest 100 Best Clubfitters (#1 in SC)

Forget big box stores, rushed appointments, and all-or-nothing club set purchases. Experience the right fit thanks to the right process.

The LOFTING℠ Process

  • Listen

    The first step to learning about your swing is to listen. What are your strengths? Where would you like to get to? Do you have any ailments or chronic conditions? True learning must begin by truly listening.

  • Observe

    Step into our hitting bay and take a couple of swings. Master Clubfitter Daniel Clemmons is also an instructor, and he will take a first-hand look at your swing type to help form a proper analysis.

  • Fitting analytics

    Swing speed, ball speed, spin, smash factor…we explain why these data points are important and how they are affecting your shot with the aid of FlightScope technology.

  • Thorough recommendation

    Gone are the days of being forced to buy a completely new set of clubs. We can mix and match from different manufacturers or suggest re-finishing/re-furbishing your current clubs instead at our Club Repair shop.

  • Initiate order

    Are two club types battling it out? Verify that you are making the right decision by taking them outside and testing in our practice facility before you make your purchase. Your custom clubs will be ordered onsite and delivered in 12-14 business days depending on the manufacturer(s).

  • New every 4-7 years

    New technology makes its way into all facets of golf equipment, and clubs are no different. The general rule of thumb is that you should look at changing your driver out every 4 years, and every 6-8 years on irons. With that in mind, along with the challenges that aging presents the human body, we recommned getting re-fitted at least every 7 years.

  • Grow your game

    Clubs customized for you will inject confidence into your swing and help you enjoy the sport for years to come.


Club Fitting FAQ's