Young Golfer Develop Swing

Develop Your Young Golfer’s Swing With One Simple Game

If you are an avid golfer who enjoys the game, and you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter, you probably like the idea of taking them to the range or course. Spreading your love for golf is perfectly natural. And if your little one shows an interest, the next question is: How do you help the young golfer develop a swing?

Make it fun, play this game

Swinging a club, is to imitate a good player. A young golfer has the ability to copy and this wonderful asset lasts until about the age of 18. After 18, the improvement will become objective with a very common word: “Why?” This makes it difficult to copy.

Strength is important at a young age. Play the following game with your youngster:

  1.  Turn the club upside-down, gripping the shaft at the club-head end. This will make a lack of strength a non-factor.
  2.  Instruct the young player to swing the club and make the grip make a swishing noise, a light sweeping or brushing sound.
  3.  Always demand an increase in the sound. This adds a bit of competitiveness to this part of the teaching experience, which is important. Also, you do not want your young golfer to become positional at any point.

How does this help develop a true golf swing?

The athletic motion of trying to swing faster will, in an unconscious manner, teach excellent balance. This will also make the young golfer stronger in the right physical areas. Encourage the junior to use body-weight leverage, even to the point of lifting the front foot off the ground on the backswing. This “loading-up” athletic motion will help produce an egg-shaped swing (the proper shape). Also, it will take some of the details away, encouraging a fun experience.

When the time is right, a junior lesson at Haas Family Golf enhance their growth. But for now, this is enough to help any young golfer develop their swing and get off to a good start. Speed and body weight leverage in one package!

Simple Enough.