Golf Expressions: Truth or Marketing?

Frankly and honestly, this article is designed to help you improve. The marketers be cursed! To do so, let’s discuss a few expressions.

“Never-Up, Never-In”
Terrible advice. The cup is round. This means there are many sides which look kindly upon gravity. (The attraction to a golf ball close to it). When a ball stops 12 inches past the cup the opportunity to fall into the cup were reduced by more than 20%! And besides, the golf round only ends at the 18th hole, so this makes this next putt your responsibility. The true statement is, “If you miss the putt leave it dead to the hole.”

“Keep your head still.”
The truth! Most of what we call a sway takes place on the backswing. Sideways to the right at the start of the backswing. To improve, a golfer has to use the weight of the entire body. This lateral move will help give your swing more of an egg shape.

The golf swing is not a fixed-point ferris wheel. If you weigh 180 pounds, the ratio of the bodyweight to the ball is better than 1920-to-1. Use it!

“Mighty Mo.”
Momentum. This is the driving force that a moving body has due to its mass and motion, and you want this to be correct.

In closing, remember this ditty: “Golf is a two-legged game, played one leg at a time.” Don’t get caught on the wrong leg! The weight should go in the direction the club is swinging.

Do not give up!

John Gerring
PGA Master Professional

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