How Your Ankles Can Help Your Golf Swing

Using a bit of footwork should help many aspects of your golf swing. It will help your tempo and rhythm (the flow). For sure, it will help your repeatability. Knowing this, a bit of your attention to this article may help you. Additional improvements would be more relaxation, a better shoulder turn and more width to the backswing. This is a good point to show some interest.

Positioning Your Ankles for Success

Here’s how: Narrow your stance. Swing without a club at first. On the back swing, allow your left ankle to rock inward and on the forward swing, your right ankle should rock or roll towards the target. If your heels want to come off the ground, allow them to do so. You might feel the sensation your knees are trying to kiss one another.

After your initial practice without a club, try hitting chip and pitch shots. This will help provide a nice tempo.

Golf shoes with knobs or spikes on the bottom were not designed to hold you in the ground. They are placed to help you with your balance and stability as you rock your ankles and kiss your knees.

Simple Enough.