putting 50 yards out

To Improve Your Putting, Start From 50 Yards Out

Simple Enough does not have a lot of interest in statistics. One number that catches his attention is the number of putts per round. Of course this is hard to measure since a good short game player who is missing a lot of greens may end up with a lot of short putts from chipping close. And, ending up with a score too high to make the cut.

What counts is how close a 50-yard shot is to the hole. Billy Casper won two (2) U.S. Opens, in 1959 (114 putts) and in 1966 (117 putts). Those are 72-hole totals. Today, these totals would not finish in the first five places. A player needs to be between 94 to 104 putts to win a tour event. Simple Enough knew a recreational player who was not strong enough to hit a par four in two.

What did he do? Laid-up to approximately 50 yards on every hole except the par 3’s. Up and down from 50 yards and won the point quota at his club two or three times a week. And, he was 78 years old with a single digit handicap!

Billy Casper hit a lot of greens for his totals to be so high. Be true to yourself and start improving your putting. Start at the 50 yard marker.

Simple Enough.