In Golf, Crossing the Line is Just Fine

Intelligent players make changes in their swings. Where should I begin? Intelligence tells you to make the change that will do the most good. Why? One good move will always produce and even force another food move.

A few weeks ago we all saw Phil Mickelson win the Pebble Beach Tournament. An excellent victory, particularly for a 49-year old player. Did Mother Nature overlook him when it came to stiffness in the joints? Not hardly.

Many days I stand out on the firing line at Haas Family Golf and I do not see many players who demonstrate the good move Phil makes. What is it?

Phil overswings! This enables him to straighten his back (left) arm at impact. This is the biggest problem the recreational golfer has–and it becomes worse as Mother Nature sees the opportunity to tighten our joints. Backswings too short!

What to do? Using a No. 8 iron, start hitting balls at the top-of-your-backswing. Majre sure the shaft of the club crosses or bisects your target line. It is described as “cross-the-line.” Do not worry about how to do it. Just do it your way the best you can. It is best to overswing in order to give your back arm room to straighten at impact.

Larry Nelson, one of my best friends, won 3 majors crossing the line. Larry Mize, Masters Champion, also crossed the target line on the backswing. Both are medium-size athletes.

Now you know. Crossing the line in golf gives you more swing and more room. What could be better? And, for sure there is another set of eyes on you all the time!

John Gerring
PGA Master Professional

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