the lead wrist

INFOGRAPHIC: Your Lead Wrist…What is it Doing?

The lead wrist controls the club face angle and the ball flight. Where the ball starts initially and the side spin.

Check out the photo below to see the 3 main wrist positions and what they mean:

1. The lead wrist is flat
A position which presents the clubface angle slightly closed. You need to be young. This is not a good position for the recreational golfer. Watch the young Tour player…but not all of them favor this position.

2. The cupped position
This represents a square position. Johnny Miller, Fred Couples and Phil Mickelson. Your hands and thumbs are under the club. Easy release.

3. Bowed lead wrist. A blocking position.
This requires a great deal of athletic ability and talent. Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson. If you are over 40 a bump on your left wrist is not an ideal position to be in.

Use a mirror to check your lead wrist position. Remember this position determines your clubface angle at the start of the forward swing. Make sure your lead wrist represents your physical ability.

John Gerring
PGA Master Professional

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