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John Gerring: Golf, and Why Do I Like It So Much?

Yes, it is a great feeling to propel a ball into space…or curl a putt 50 feet across a manicured, pool-table, green-type surface. Wow!

I am outdoors with my friends. What is not to like about this stage? And, it allows an ordinary player to feel as important as anyone else in a sport that can last a lifetime. It is a chase with no end in sight that continues to escape and challenge us all.

These are not the reasons why you love golf. I can use the same equipment and ball that the very best struggles with. To me, it seems we never own the game, we only rent it.

My reason is all about the atmosphere of civility, the politeness of the game. And especially, the removal of the headwear. The courtesy and politeness and code of respect towards one another. Good manners displays a bit of starchiness in the spine. A set of the jaw as we play a game we cannot win. A game where the acceptance of imperfection is part of being successful. If a person can be courteous and imperfect at the same time, therein lies the champion.

In summary: on the way to perfect you will pass good enough. It is a characteristic that civilization can ill afford to lose.

Great round! I enjoyed playing with you!

John Gerring

PGA Master Professional

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