Mike Williams

  • 20 Years Experience – PGA Member
  • Golf Professional at
    The Ritz Carlton Golf Club, Orlando
    The Cliffs Valley
    The Cliffs at Mountain Park

Meet Mike Williams, a seasoned PGA "Class A" Golf Professional with a passion for helping golfers of all levels unlock their full potential. Hailing from England, UK, Mike crossed the pond to the USA to start his career at the Renaissance PineIsle Resort near Atlanta, GA.

After leaving Peach State, Mike continued his professional career in the golf industry by moving to The Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Orlando Florida. Later, he relocated to upstate South Carolina to serve as the Head Professional at The Cliffs Valley, followed by a position as the inaugural Head Professional at The Cliffs at Mountain Park.

Mike's passion comes from witnessing the joy and happiness when that 'Aha!' moment comes from someone improving their game. With his extensive experience, Mike enjoys and has taught a range of golfers from intermediate & beginner golfers to elite professional athletes.

Mike believes golf, although challenging, should ultimately be about fun and enjoyment. Don’t forget to enjoy your game as you develop and improve because at times golf can be frustrating but also be very rewarding.

Instruction Style
"My teaching style is to create a comfortable & relaxed environment to develop a strong foundation in fundamental skills, while also addressing the mental aspects and course management strategies. Ultimately, the goal is to empower you to achieve greater consistency, confidence, and enjoyment on the course."