No Macaroni! Another Gem from John Gerring, PGA Master Professional

The modern swing is a disaster for the quote “golf is a game of a lifetime”. This is why….the old school approach was simply keeping the club face angle square to the arc or path of your swing. The modern swing is built on keeping the club face closed to the arc or path of your swing. The old school is much easier on your joints while the modern swing places a lot of stress on all parts of your body.
Neither technique guarantees better scores or more distance. This is up to the genetics and hand and eye coordination of the individual player. What has happened is we have gotten into a dangerous trend and players without the talent are copying a technique they will never be able to handle. Once the aging process sets in (we are at our best up to about age 50) then the blocking motion required by the shut face technique starts to wear on your joints.
Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed have old school swings. Copy them!

John Gerring, PGA Master Professional