Jay Haas, Jr.

  • Hometown: Greenville, SC
  • Head of Instruction and Coaching at Haas Family Golf
  • Trackman Certified
  • PGA Tour Caddie from 2011-2018
  • Champions Tour Caddie 2016-2018
  • Played Professionally for 8 years
  • Played for Augusta State University

Instruction Style
"I don't like to teach just one method. Everybody has an opinion about what the right style is, but I've noticed there isn't one "right" swing. You can't put every person in the same mold because nobody is built the same. If we were the same height, could both touch our toes, and had the same ability, our swings are still going to be different because our minds think differently. So my style is that I don't have a certain style.

I do believe in incorporating technology into each lesson to help accelerate a golfer's development. I use the TrackMan system to track the full trajectory of a shot and show you how changes in your swing will affect the shot. I also use BODITRAK force plates to measure force and pressure applied by the golfer's lower body. "