John Michala

  • Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Started at Haas Family Golf on February 26, 2023.
  • Introduced to golf by his father Jack at 10 years old and started caddying at
    12 years old under Vern Fraser.
  • BBA in General Marketing at Western Michigan University.
  • Spent 18 years working in the following roles: caddy, bag room & cart
    attendant, assistant professional, golf academy director and head
  • Golf experiences came from the following facilities and mentors:
    Westmoreland CC (Wilmette, IL Vern Fraser); The Springs Club (Rancho
    Mirage, CA Doug Hart); The Club at Morningside (Rancho Mirage, CA
    Vern Fraser & Mr. Claude Harmon); River Oaks CC (Houston, TX Dick
    Harmon); Bear Creek Golf World (Houston, TX Roger Parker); Greenville
    CC (Greenville, SC Paul Voyer); HFG – Carolyn Echols & John Gerring.
  • Elected Class A PGA Professional in February 1991. Exited the golf
    industry in 1997 to help raise our 26-year-old son Jonathan with my Jamie
    and I have been Reinstated on April 14, 2023, with an emphasis on
  • Passions include our large extended family and friends, photography,
    politics, game nights, Chicago Bears & the serenity of mountains and lakes.

Instruction Style
“Less is More!” // With solid fundamentals, you can feel a softer swing by
incorporating both elbows and wrists in the correct hinging motions. You
combine these levers with the proper rotational movements of your body and
forearms. This transfers to the clubface, which empowers you to make
smooth golf swings. As a result, you will have less anxiety, tension, fear,
anger, and doubt. This grants you the freedom to play and experience your
best golf ever! Remember, it’s a GAME // Have fun and enjoy the journey*