Sandy Halkett

  • Hometown: Greenville, SC
  • Started at Haas Family Golf in 2005
  • Got into teaching full time after stint as Head Professional and general manager
  • 18th year as head golf coach for the Special Olympics
  • Works with Roger C. Peace, center for those with physical disabilities.
  • Certified with Adaptive Golf
  • First got into golf at Clemson after playing with her Dad during the summer before her senior season
  • Is an ambassador for pickleball in Greer

Instruction Style
"My style is not a cookie cutter. I believe we are all individuals with individual skill levels, body types, limitations. I believe that you bring a lot of your past to golf. If you played baseball, racquetball, whatever you did as an athlete, you bring into your golf game. I have students who never played a sport, and may initially struggle with hand-eye coordination, but they have a great swing because they are not bringing anything from another sport into their swing. So my philosophy is, use what they've got to help them. But if a bad move from baseball comes into your golf swing, we've gotta fix that."