“The 90 Percenter” by John Gerring; The Importance of the Shaft

“The 90 Percenter”

Within the interest of always improving let’s talk about the equipment we use.  A golf club which has three component parts: a clubhead – a grip – a shaft.  On each part I would like to state the percentage of importance.

Clubhead (5%)  The clubhead is more of a cosmetic choice.  If you do not like the looks of it you can count on it not working!  A bit of a rebound from the thinner face.  A bigger head needs help with the forgiveness factor.

Grip (5%)  Many choices.  Cosmetics are a minor choice.  Size is a big factor.  The material and composition also a choice but will not increase the importance.  Size is the scoundrel.  A smaller grip allows the grip pressure to remain light which helps the arms to feel oily and flexible.

Shaft (90%)  There are so many choices.  You really need professional direction and help with the length, weight and flex.  And in a set you want the spine of the shaft to match all the clubs in the bag.  Flex point within the shaft flex you have selected (tip tipped or butt tipped?)  It is just about impossible to buy a set off the shelve or through the internet and make an intelligent purchase.  The new materials offer so many choices.  A hi-tech approach can help you believe the next shot will always be the best one!

Picture this scenario.  A perfect clubhead and correct grip…yet, the wrong shaft.  You now have a geometric curse you cannot overcome no matter how much you practice or how many secret tips you receive.

John Gerring, PGA