The Correct Geometry Pays Off! By John Gerring, PGA Master Professional

This is a short but direct three (3) part article on golf geometry.

Short Thumbs

The joint on the index finger must be closer to the clubhead than the thumb. This helps with the flexibility of the wrists. Oily wrists are speed producers in all sports

Shoulder Turn

You must turn your back to the target on the backswing in order to give your back arm room to straighten on the forward swing. “Get the value from the shoulder turn.”

Aim Your Swing at the Back of the Ball

Golf Geometry by John Gerring

Golf Geometry by John Gerring

This is the impact position we all seek:

  1. Back eye on top of the back knee
  2. Spine leaning away from the target
  3. Seventy percent (70%) of your weight on your back leg
  4. Long front arm – short back arm

Start this way!

John Gerring, PGA