The Most Important Change to Make for Senior Golfers – And How to Make It

Some days it is hard to believe I am a senior. And, other days, I know for sure. When I was 25 a senior member at the club I was working at said to me, “When you are a senior, you need two things: 1) A lot of courage 2) A lot of flexibility.”

I laughed, but guess what? Here I am. And, he was more than right.

My point?

Many people claim golf to be a game of a lifetime. And it is, if you adapt to the aging process. We cannot swing like a 25-year-old Tour player.

What is our most important adaptation? Length of the backswing. You must always try to overswing.

Cannot turn your shoulder anymore? Then bend your front arm. Not quite there? Then cup your wrists (they must be oily). But make sure on a full swing that the shaft of the club goes beyond parallel. This gives your back arm (which has cocked into 2 pieces – elbows and wrists), enough room to straighten on the forward swing. That is the real key to better ball striking.

Shoulder turn terminology is for 25-year-old Tour players. Shaft beyond parallel takes care of us seniors and flexibility.

Courage? Never Give up!

John Gerring
PGA Master Professional

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