There is Room for Us All – Another Gem by John Gerring

Our Haas Family Golf Mission Statement is as follows:  “We promote health, happiness and wellness by teaching lifelong golf skills to people of all ages”.

A noble approach.  Do you know what else we do?  We take another approach to protect the wildlife that visits our property.  We have deer and their families along with magnificent looking turkeys.  They are safe.  When they strut across the back of the range everyone stops hitting to admire these handsome creatures.

There is a beautiful creek behind the back of the range.  It has a name…..Rocky Creek.  Small water falls with plenty of volume.  In our planning sessions we discuss planting fruit trees for our visitors.  We feel when you see this wildlife on your property there is peace and harmony.   It goes along with a great golf shot.  The rhythm and flow of peace and harmony.

We hope to develop a safe place for our visitors along with your lifelong golf skills.

There is room for us all!

Look for our friends.

John Gerring & the Haas Family Golf Staff