What Is Gauztex and How Will It Help My Game?

Gauztex is a thin fabric used for surgical dressing. It will stick to itself. Golfers are addicted to teaching fads and tips. One year, Scott Verplank won a PGA Tour event and was seen wrapping his grips in gauztex. Wow! That’s the secret! Every pro shop in the country had to stock up with this fabric with a slightly sticky feeling. Players could not wrap their grips fast enough.

But how does this relate to ball striking? That’s a great question, as is this: is it more style or substance? Here is a small sample of macaroni awaiting for the next wave:

  1. 1,000 books with the secret
  2. Five magic moves
  3. Power golf
  4. Square to square
  5. Stack and tilt

These are like gauztex on your grips. Just about the time it takes to wrap all your grips something new will jump up. It is only a stick and ball game.

Work on your griptake a few lessons…and just remember, the next gauztex is just around the corner.

Simple Enough